About Us:

Benetex Industries Ltd. is a public ltd. company established in the year 1992 to serve as Bangladesh's premier manufacturer and exported of fashionwear, workwear, loungewear, sportswear, inner and outer wear for men, women & children. We are your one stop shop for quality textile production with a large knit composite textile mill. We excel at the art of manufacturing over 20 tons of fabrics everyday and converting it to beautiful clothing and exporting it worldwide.  We knit, dye, process, wash, embroider, print and make knit and woven garments with our 9000+ workforce. In one campus, we house all these different units with over 800,000 sq feet of constructed area.
We have our own power generation and we are fully certified, meeting all compliance requirements. Manufacturing with the latest technologies and productions methods, we take much pride in manufacturing and clothing the world.
We are delighted for your interest in our company. Hope to be in touch, and we welcome you for a visit. Please contact us for any information, queries, and comments!


Departments within Campus:          

  • Knitting Department

  • Dyeing Department

  • Fabric Processing Unit

  • Printing Unit

  • Embroidery Unit

  • Washing Unit:
    Wet and Dry Processing

  • Knit and Woven Apparel Manufacturing

    •  Textiles Products Manufacturing

     Also within the factory:

  • Merchandising Division

  • CAD Department

  • Sample Making Division

  • Fabric Laboratory.

  • Quality  Department

  • Industrial Engineering, Planning and Work Studies Division

  • Product & Design Development

  • Warehousing services

     Corporate Head office in Dhaka:

  • Marketing Department

  • Finance Department

  • Commercial Division